Cocoa & Coffee

Rich volcanic soil, high altitude and adequate rainfall, all of these things make Cameroon an ideal place for growing great cocoa and coffee. Cocoa is grown in four of the 10 regions in Cameroon. The Centre and South-West account for 40 percent each of national output, the South 15 percent and the East 5 percent. Cameroon’s robusta coffee is grown in all provinces except the north, while arabica is mainly produced in the high altitudes of the west, northwest and east. The western highlands of Cameroon, where much of the coffee is grown averages about 5,000 feet above sea level.

When properly processed, the Cameroonian commodities have it all: a full-bodied, earthy, chocolaty flavor profile, along with a well-rounded finish with hints of currants.

As Profaco, our aim is to provide high quality cocoa and coffee (Arabica & Robusta) beans to our international buyers across the globe, provide a platform for local farmers to sell their goods at a fair price while also receiving  support at every level including:

Seeds: Nurtured seeds are provided to the farmers at a nominal rate.

Fertiliser: Subsidised fertilisers from the government are provided to the farmers at half of the market price.

Purchase of produce: The farmers produce are bought at a price reflecting the world market price, farmers are also provided advances in cash to cater for emergencies or challenging situations.

Latest Updates

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