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Cameroon : Coffee Shipments Increased

Shipments of arabica coffee from Cameroon rose 16 percent in May, while robusta exports increased 5.8 percent, according to a report from the Cocoa and Coffee Board and the Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Board. Arabica exports rose to 430 metric tons in the month from a year earlier and robusta shipments climbed to 4,052 tons,

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Competition from other crops

Increase in world population, climate change which is becoming increasingly apparent, and energy demand are three additional parameters which encourage optimism as to coffee prices in the years to come. Indeed, demand for agricultural products is increasing, whereas arable acreage remains practically the same. A growing competition exists between the various crops which require the

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The economic crisis

The economic crisis: The growth of demand paused slightly at end 2008 – early 2009 because of the financial crisis which affected the whole of the worldwide economy. On the coffee market, this crisis had a negative impact on the level of consumption of gourmet coffees in certain traditional markets (the United States), and a

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