There is a growing demand among roasters for high quality cocoa and coffee often recognised for its specific origin while on the other side of the supply chain there are thousands of growers searching for higher-paying markets. Profaco is in a unique position to create partnerships among the two.

Profaco based in Cameroon and also with offices in the U.K operates in accordance with social enterprise principles. It aims to reinvest its profit in the local communities to build social capital by supporting local schools and running training programmes to empower the people especially the women with entrepreneurial and other basic functional skills. We also aim to support local health centres to improve health care.

Profaco’s Mission is:

  • * To enable its members to market their products at a fair and beneficial rate
  • * Add value to farmers through education and training
  • * Develop ethical principles for practice
  • * Enable farmers to develop their full potential
  • * Source a consistent market for the farmers


Our Promise is that we shall:

  • * Promote the culture of interdependence and abundance mentality
  • * Encourage the sharing of good practice amongst farmers
  • * Facilitate the paradigm shift: to consider other farmers as teachers not as rivals i.e. interdependence not competition or rivalry
  • * Systematise specialisation: farmers focus on farming and getting maximum yield, while Profaco will focus on education, research & development and marketing
  • * Pay farmers what has been agreed
  • * Support local education and health care
  • * Educate people in the local communities on entrepreneurship especially the principles of social enterprise


Our motto is: ” One hand can’t clap ” and our vision is:  “Developing farmers’ creative and competitive edge.

Latest Updates

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